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Our Story

Our story started with a simple truth: women everywhere find it hard to focus on their own comfort and recovery during pregnancy and after childbirth. Mom takes care of everyone else, but who takes care of mom?

Founded by an ob/gyn and mother of two, we work with pregnant women and new moms every day and saw the need to fill this critical gap. So we set out to change that. We’re starting a movement for moms everywhere, because mommy matters.

Meet the Team

Left to right: Christine Fisher, Iris Leung, Katherine Lee, Tara Shirazian, Lisa Gilligan, Miina Juvonen, Stacey Harris

Tara Shirazian

 Founder & Mom in Chief, Tara Shirazian 

Intrepid mother of two, Tara is an ob/gyn who got us started on this dream. She is a practicing gynecologic surgeon and an Assistant Professor at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. Tara is recognized as an international leader in global women’s health and a frequently cited expert in this field. She is also an accomplished researcher focused on interventions designed to decrease maternal morbidity and mortality, with work published in such prominent medical journals as the American Journal of Perinatology and ACOG Today.

Our Mission

Our Impact


vulnerable women provided with medical care globally


midwives trained in Guatemala every year


gynecological procedures delivered free of charge


safe birth kits distributed to date

Our Impact

We’re proud to support mothers everywhere. Profits from every purchase benefit Saving Mothers, a non-profit dedicated to helping mothers thrive around the world.