6 Crucial Skills We Gain from Motherhood

6 Crucial Skills We Gain from Motherhood

Talk to any mom, and she’ll tell you the years fly by. From the first moment you look your baby in the eyes to the time they walk across the graduation stage — each year is filled with learning that shapes our lives. Here are six skills we have mastered from motherhood.

Being a mom teaches us to love unconditionally

Unconditional love means to offer your love freely without any requisites. Being a mother is the toughest job you’ll ever endure, but you'll love them no matter what happens with your children. Through all the hardships, frustrations, and mistakes, your love is there. The best part is that they love you right back. 

Motherhood teaches us patience

None of us go into motherhood with any experience. Every new circumstance is something we’ve never navigated before, and patience becomes our closest ally. We not only have to be patient when learning how to navigate our little infants, toddlers, and children’s world — but we have to be patient with ourselves as we figure it all out. 

Being a mom means being prepared for anything

After you get the hang of things, nothing comes as a surprise when you’re a mother. You learn pretty quickly to go with the flow, let go of expectations, and learn to live in the moment. You also learn never to pack lightly since you can’t predict what situations arise. Moms have big handbags for a good reason! 

Motherhood teaches us true empathy 

As moms, when our kids are having emotions we feel them, too. We learn to put ourselves in our kids' shoes as they begin exploring the world. This carries with us as our kids get older and we witness their life experiences. Empathy allows us to not only build a strong bond with our kids, but also meaningful connections because we better relate to others. 

Being a mom teaches us to focus on what matters

When you’re in charge of shaping the world for your child, you suddenly stop sweating the small stuff. No matter how hectic life gets, motherhood grounds you in what matters most — everything you have right at home. 

Motherhood teaches us to embrace imperfections

It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparing yourself to others or trying to do it all. Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual and you never know what to expect day-to-day. As moms, we make more mistakes than we can count. But regardless of what happens, your kids know you’re the best thing in their lives. They don’t expect you to be perfect, and they love you for all your little quirks and habits. 

The greatest gift is being a mom because you’re shaping the world we live in. You pass along lessons, traditions, and values that move through generations. You’re raising leaders who will define our future, and we progress because mothers exist.

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