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What we know about COVID-19 & Pregnancy

What we know about COVID-19 & Pregnancy

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When its More Than Just Bad Acne

When its More Than Just Bad Acne

Keke Palmer, who you might know best for her incredible fashion, or her countless roles in Hollywood, recently opened up about her journey and struggles with PCOS. She posted several vulnerable pictures of herself with no make-up on, and described in the caption her long time struggle with acne. It wasn’t until she looked into her family history though, that she was able to connect the dots and convey to her physicians that there was something more to her story than acne.

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The indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on child and maternal mortality

The indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on child and maternal mortality

Written by Mommy Matters Health Contributor: Mathilde Hainaut In a modeling study published in The Lancet, Global Health on May 12th 2020, authors estimated how the COVID-19 pandemic will indirectly increase maternal and child mortality in 118 low-income and middle-income countries.  Here are the key findings: While COVID-19 mortality rates for children and women of reproductive age appear to be low, these groups might be...

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Mama Says...

The pillow is a nice size and fits in my tote bag without being like "HEY I'M A PILLOW" to everyone at work.

Claire25 weeks pregnant

The pillow's density and shape are a perfect relief to long hours of sitting. I imagine I will continue to use it post pregnancy!

Sarah20 weeks pregnant

The postpartum panty ice packs were an AMAZING feature. The high waist fits comfortable, the material is so stretchy and breathable. The super absorbent liner catches everything.

Raquel2 weeks postpartum

My favorite use for the pillow was lying down on my left side and the pillow in between my legs. I felt so much relief off my lower back and hips - my hips are always sore and tight.

Jessica31 weeks pregnant

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