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12 Items all new moms need

While many brands have taken on revamping the maternity bra, the same cannot be said for the drab disposable underwear offered to women at the hospital. Mommy Matters somehow designed a stylish pair made of light and airy mesh fabric to give C- section scars room to breathe—and heal. The machine-washable garment also has an absorbent crotch lining for post-delivery bleeding and a cold pack for pain alleviation. Proceeds support Saving Mothers, a nonprofit serving low-income moms around the world.

10 Best Pregnancy pillows of 2019 according to online reviews

Developed by an ob-gyn, this memory foam wedge offers lumbar support, and you can use it to alleviate neck, hips, or belly discomfort, too. Not to mention, it brings a little extra somethin' to the table, since it comes with a removable hot/cold gel pack for more oomph. Bring it to work or friends' houses for added comfort wherever you are.

11 perfect products for new moms

Mommy Matters Postpartum Underwear - Not only is this underwear extra absorbent, but it features a special pocket for a soothing gel insert.

10 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2020

When you need some extra help combatting backaches caused by pregnancy, the Mommy Matters Portable Pregnancy Pillow is the best choice out there. This back pillow is perfect to use at home on the couch or on your office chair at work for relief during the busy day. Developed by an OBGYN, this pillow also includes a removable hot/cold gel pack to soothe sore muscles.

An added bonus: Proceeds from this pillow benefit Saving Mothers, a nonprofit helping mothers in underserved communities worldwide.

Gyno-Approved Underwear that you’ll actually want to show off

The Postpartum Panty Don’t let the name of this cozy undergarment deter you. The Postpartum Panty(designed by OB-GYN Tara Shirazian) is perfect for anyone with a monthly menstrual cycle. Built with a soothing cold gel insert to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, this panty is ideal for individuals who’ve recently given birth, have endometriosis, or experience painful periods.

20 Best Side Sleeper Pillows of All Time

This pillow features a super soft, machine-washable removable slipcover and firm, dual-density memory foam construction. There is even a removable hot/cold gel pack to relieve aches and pains. (When you buy this pillow, 100 percent of the proceeds go to Saving Mothers, a non-profit organization serving mothers in low-resource settings worldwide.)