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NeoHeat Perineal Healing Device with NeoBrief

NeoHeat Perineal Healing Device with NeoBrief

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No tear to repair? Return unopened within 90 days for a full refund.

NeoHeat® is an ABC Kids Expo 2023 Editors’ Choice!
Featured in WWD Beauty Inc and Harper’s Bazaar

Welcome to the future, mama! This high-tech device activates internal and external healing of the trauma done to the perineal/vaginal tissues and nerves during a vaginal birth using high-powered red & infrared LED light therapy. Clinically validated to accelerate wound healing, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide rapid pain relief, you’ll not only heal 6X quicker and better, you will also reduce the long-term risks of infections, incontinence (accidental bladder leakage), and painful sex! As if that’s not enough, our free app is packed with insightful information for postpartum care to help you navigate the 4th trimester!

Included with NeoHeat is NeoBrief, designed to optimize your NeoHeat treatments. This stylish, reusable, panty-style garment keeps your NeoHeat in place during treatment while the built-in pad absorbs those inevitable leaking fluids, keeping your treatment easy and mess-free. Velcro closures on each side allow for easy on & off and sizing up & down as needed.

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How it Works

NeoHeat’s powerful red and infrared light therapy + gentle heat accelerates the recovery process of internal and external vaginal and perineal tissue trauma and nerve damage that is a result of childbirth and episiotomies. Wear the pad just 10 minutes, every day for 2 to 4 weeks and you’ll be back to feeling more like you in no time.

5 simple steps to begin treatments: 

  • Step 1: Connect the flexible LED pad to the easy-to-use controller
  • Step 2: Slip the NeoHeat pad into the pocket of NeoBrief
  • Step 3: Use the adjustable straps to comfortably put on NeoBrief
  • Step 4: Use the controller or NeoHeat app to begin your treatment session 
  • Step 5: Get comfortable and relax for 10 minutes of healing

The Technology Behind NeoHeat

Red LED Light Energy RED LIGHT (LED) THERAPY: Enjoy maximum therapeutic benefits through 8 high-powered UV-free red and infrared lights (LEDs) in the 662nm-855nm wavelength range that penetrate deeply into the tissue to repair wounds and restore health. Light energy effectively accelerates internal and external healing, stimulates blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and provides rapid pain relief.  While safe for the eyes, we recommend that you do not stare directly into the LED lights on the pad.
Thermal Energy THERMAL ENERGY: Gentle heat warms the tissue and encourages blood flow which also aids in the acceleration of wound healing.


Being a mom is hard enough. We make healing easy with our app-enabled device.

  • Deep penetration of light energy for internal and external tissue healing
  • Stimulate blood circulation for increased oxygen, proteins, nutrients for wound healing
  • Reduce inflammation providing rapid pain relief
  • Reduce long-term risk of incontinence and pain with sex
  • Light energy clinically validated to heal 6X faster and better than traditional methods

Throw away the frozen peas and experience the brightest innovation in postpartum healing.

Doctor-loved DOCTOR-LOVED: Ob-Gyn designed, tested & recommended
Effective EFFECTIVE: Reduce pain & heal 6x faster
Natural NATURAL: No meds, just light
App-enabled APP-ENABLED: Log, track, manage & learn
Safe SAFE: FDA registered medical device
FSA-HSA Eligible FSA/HSA ELIGIBLE: Get reimbursed through your health plan

Doctor endorsements

“I have delivered thousands of babies and I see the trauma that women’s bodies experience in childbirth. Until now, there were no real treatment options to offer women for healing. When something doesn't exist, you have to create it. NeoHeat is the answer.” - Dr. Tara Shirazian

“NeoHeat is a must-have product for all new moms! As an Ob-Gyn, I can't tell you how happy I am to see a product that is transforming postpartum healing. Women need & deserve better care and this helps them prioritize their health.” - Dr. Sarah de la Torre

Return policy

We understand that not every mama will tear, or that you may end up having an unplanned C-section. If that’s the case, and you don’t need your NeoHeat for perineal healing, we offer a 90-day return policy as long as the box is unopened and the safety seal is intact.

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