Laughing Through Lightning Crotch: Embracing the Quirky Side of Pregnancy

Laughing Through Lightning Crotch: Embracing the Quirky Side of Pregnancy

Before you were pregnant, you might have talked to another mom about pregnancy and thought: "That's too much information!" However, after you get pregnant yourself, you soon realize that there's no shame in talking about all the pregnancy-related topics—even the weird ones. You're in the know. You've talked to other moms, read all the books, and have probably seen a few outrageous Tik Toks about pregnancy.

Even if you think you're informed about all that could happen during pregnancy, the truth is, you're probably missing out on something. You've got an impressive knowledge base, but we want to make sure that you know everything, so we've compiled some information about crazy pregnancy side effects. By the end, you'll understand why you can't stop…tooting (among other things).

Lightning Crotch

It turns out lightning can strike the same place twice (or three, or four, maybe even five times). Many pregnant women experience something called 'lightning crotch.' It might feel alarming when it happens to you because lightning crotch is a sudden pain in your pelvic area. However, know that it is nothing to worry about.


There's a show on TLC called "My Strange Addiction," and on the show, you'll find people who crave weird things. When you're watching, you might not understand how people can be addicted to things like chalk or clay, but when you're pregnant, and have Pica, you'll understand a little better. Some pregnant people crave non-food items while pregnant. Things like dirt, clay, chalk, and ice might sound delicious—it sounds weird, but it is largely attributed to mineral deficiencies. And don't worry, Pica, too, will go away after you deliver.


If you walk past a restaurant or a bakery while pregnant you might get excited, or nauseous, even without having Hyperosmia. Pregnant women with Hyperosmia experience a heightened sense of smell, so they'll react even more when passing a restaurant or another strong smell. It's not always a great feeling, sometimes it will lead to you feeling sick or unappetized by certain smells.

Increased Salivation

In some ways, pregnancy can literally make you foam at the mouth. Many women experience an increased amount of saliva during their pregnancies. This condition is known as ptyalism, and it's another symptom that can cause discomfort.

Unusual Food Aversions and Cravings

Did you once hate pickles, but upon getting pregnant, can't stop eating pickles with peanut butter? This is not uncommon. Cravings during pregnancy are talked about a lot. However, know it's possible to have food aversions as well. Many people might love chocolate cake before pregnancy, for example, and hate it during. Who knew?

Sudden Allergies

Let's say you're someone who has never had allergies before and then you suddenly experience a reaction while pregnant. When this happens, it can be really, really scary, and although it is puzzling as to why it happens, know it's possible. So, even if you've been allergy-free your whole life, it's possible to have a reaction while pregnant.

Changes in Foot Size

If you're like a lot of people, you have a trusty pair of shoes that you've had for years. Whether it be your go-to pair of black boots or your favorite pair of tennis shoes, it might be surprising when you try to put on a frequently worn pair of shoes, and they don't fit anymore. You knew your jeans wouldn't fit after a while, but you probably didn't expect that your shoes wouldn't, either. This happens because when you're pregnant, you produce the hormone relaxin which prepares your pelvis for birth; it just so happens that because of this hormone, the ligaments in your feet will relax, leading to a possible change in shoe size.

Linea Nigra

One interesting side effect of pregnancy is that you can possibly develop a line that runs up and down your abdomen. This is called Linea Nigra. Although not always, in most cases, the line will fade after childbirth.

Stress Incontinence

They don't say that pregnant women have to pee a lot for no reason. You might want to stay close to a bathroom while you're pregnant because many women experience stress incontinence. What that means, is that pregnant women are likely to pee when they do things like cough, sneeze, or exercise because of pressure the baby puts on the bladder. One funny joke can lead to you, quite literally, peeing your pants.

A Lower Voice

If you answer the phone and the person on the other line doesn't recognize the sound, it might be because you developed a lower voice during pregnancy. Because of hormonal changes, you might experience a lower, hoarser, or a different-sounding voice.

Excessive Sweating

Whether it comes when you're exercising, sleeping, or at times you just don't expect it, you can experience excessive sweating while pregnant. Due to different changes in hormones, your body temperature will change, so even though it's inconvenient, you shouldn't be alarmed by sweating.

Too Many Toots

We alluded to this earlier, and no one wants to hear it, but when you're pregnant, it's not uncommon for you to toot a little bit more frequently than you usually would. Experiencing an increase in gas is completely normal—it's a sign that your digestive process is changing, your diet is evolving, or even simply a side effect of your prenatal vitamins. The excess gas might make your friends and family want to steer clear of being in the same room as you, but there's nothing to be concerned about. It can be embarrassing, but it's normal.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff—Even with These Symptoms, You Can Deliver a Healthy Baby

Having more gas than you'd like, a little extra sweat, and salivating at the mouth can be a little weird, and admittedly a little gross. However, even with all these symptoms, you and your baby are likely very healthy. You're undergoing a lot of changes, and some weird symptoms should be expected. With all of this being said, you know your body best, so if you're worried, don't hesitate to reach out to a doctor. There's never any harm in being extra careful.

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