10 Ways You Can Support Saving Mothers, a 501c3 Dedicated to Ending Maternal Mortality

10 Ways You Can Support Saving Mothers, a 501c3 Dedicated to Ending Maternal Mortality

This one is for all the socially conscious mamas out there. You already knew that Mommy Matters proceeds directly support our sister nonprofit, Saving Mothers, but did you know about all the other ways you can get involved with Saving Mothers?

We’ve listed 10 high-impact options for you to choose from, ranging from solo opportunities to community engagement events. Read on to find the best way to support us, whether you are a social media whiz, a student who is passionate about maternal health, or a global citizen who wants to help out however they can.

10 Ways to Support Saving Mothers

1. Run the New York City Marathon for Saving Mothers

Saving Mothers offers guaranteed entry to the world famous New York City Marathon. We typically host 12-15 spots, and simply ask that each of our runners raise $3000 to support our cause. Many companies offer corporate matching opportunities for charitable donations - ask and see if your employer does the same. This is a seasonal opportunity, and you can email our executive director, Lisa Gilligan, at lgilligan@savingmothers.org for more information. (Can you say bucket list item?)

2. Host a Safe Birth Kit Packing Event

Saving Mothers sends our low-cost birth kits to our sites in Uganda, Kenya, and Guatemala.  About the size of a hardcover book and costing only $15 apiece, these kits include everything a woman needs to safely deliver her baby.

Hosting a Saving Mothers safe birth kit packing event is a unique, meaningful activity. We typically ask that groups pack a minimum of 30 kits (usually making for a 1-hour event), and fundraise a certain amount to support the cost of the kits. If you are in the NYC area, members of the Saving Mothers team will come present about our organization’s mission. This is a great idea for a social group, family party, or company team-building event! You can learn more here or contact us to set up your own event.

3. Start a Students for Saving Mothers Chapter at Your School

We are so proud of our student chapters! Saving Mothers currently has chapters at elementary schools, high schools, and colleges including Brown University, Barnard/Columbia, University of Georgia, and Hewitt High School in New York City. Student chapters conduct projects to raise awareness about inequalities in maternal health, raise funds to support our mission, and educate themselves and others about the current state of global women’s health. We welcome all students who are passionate about giving back and want to make a direct impact. You can learn more about the requirements to start a student chapter here

4. Become a Saving Mothers Ambassador

Are you motivated about maternal health and passionate about connecting with like-minded people? Then you should consider joining us as a Saving Mothers Ambassador, alongside renowned international fashion model Mari Agory! Ambassador responsibilities include posting about our work and mission on social media, writing for our website, attending our fundraisers and events, and organizing your own creative events to support maternal health. Learn more about this exciting new role here.

5. Host a Pop-up Fundraising Event

Over the years, supporters have approached us with many creative ideas for raising local awareness of our cause and raising funds for us. These have included hosting bake sales, bracelet sales, book club events, baby showers, and wine and paint parties. You can learn more about these projects here

6. Donate online to Saving Mothers

Donating online is a classic and direct way to help our efforts. Every donation is appreciated and goes directly to fund our lifesaving medical missions for women globally. You can donate online to Saving Mothers here

7. Purchase / Gift Mommy Matters products!

Did you know that Saving Mothers recently launched Mommy Matters, a for-profit company with a line of MD-developed pregnancy and postpartum products?

Mommy Matters was born when Saving Mothers founder Dr. Taraneh Shirazian saw the medical need for effective, comfortable products to support busy women during pregnancy and postpartum. Every single purchase from Mommy Matters goes back to fund Saving Mothers.

You can shop Mommy Matters’ Portable Pregnancy Pillow and Postpartum Underwear today, and stay tuned for new products launching early 2020. They also make great gifts for any pregnant or postpartum mamas you know. 

8. Share Saving Mothers on social media

Spread the word about our work by inviting your friends to ‘Like’ our page on Facebook or sharing our images on Instagram! For even more of an impact, share this particular post with your socially-minded friends. 

9. Talk to your friends about Saving Mothers!

Spread the word the old-fashioned way - by telling others about our work in person. Maybe your friend at the gym has a young son or daughter who is interested in giving back and would like to start a Students for Saving Mothers chapter. Your work teammate could have a spouse who’s always wanted to run the New York City Marathon for a good cause. Your great-aunt could be looking for a philanthropic event for her holiday garden club party, and a Saving Mothers Safe Birth Kit packing event would fit the bill. You never know!

10. Attend or Become a Sponsor for our Saving Mothers Annual Fall Fundraiser Event

Every year, Saving Mothers host Our Annual Fall Fundraiser Event. This year we celebrated 10 Years of Saving Mothers: Because No Woman Should Die Giving Life, at the esteemed 3 West Club in New York City. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Contessa Brewer, the evening featured our guest speaker Amy Robach of ABC’s 20/20 and Good Morning America. Join us as a guest or a sponsor next year - contact us to learn more.


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