Riding High: The Secrets to Happy Pelvic Floors while Cycling

Riding High: The Secrets to Happy Pelvic Floors while Cycling

Hey there, cycling queens! Whether you're rocking the spin studio, conquering those Peloton challenges, or breezing down scenic roads, you might have noticed that your cycling adventures can sometimes bring some unwelcome vibes to your pelvic floor. But guess what? You're not alone in this ride. Turns out, any activity involving a saddle - yep, that includes horse riding and motorcycles too - can trigger some pelvic discomfort. It's all about the pressure game on those nerves and muscles down there.

So, here's the scoop—some of us have felt these things:

  1. Sudden zings of "ouch" in the lady area
  2. Feeling like things are a bit too snug or tense
  3. That tingling "is this a sparkler?" vibe due to your nerves firing up
  4. Struggles with bathroom breaks (yep, both kinds)
  5. Awkwardness in the bedroom

If these post-cycling feelings sound like your experience, listen up: it might be time to have a chit-chat with a pelvic floor professional. Think of them as your personal pelvic cheerleaders—they're physical therapists with super skills in pelvic floor health.

But hey, we're not leaving you hanging! We've got some top-notch tips to keep your pelvic floor and lady bits in the zen zone while you pedal away.

Strike a Pose

If you're hitting the road on your trusty bike, let's talk setup. Those bike shop wizards? They're your bike-fit superheroes. They know the art of cycling biomechanics and can hook you up with the perfect posture for your bod. Scoot your booty slightly back on that seat - it's all about dodging discomfort in the nether regions. Oh, and stand tall with that back, shoulders relaxed - it's your secret weapon against back pain and pelvic pressure. When it comes to those leg positions, keep those knees dancing in line with your toes. Got weak glute muscles or tight IT bands? A specialist might just be your fairy godmother for hip strength and flexibility.

Customize Your Ride

Guess what? Your bike's vibes can totally change your ride. Swap out that narrow bike seat for a cushier one. Most bikes rock a slim saddle, but a plusher seat can be your BFF, giving you support and waving bye-bye to pelvic pressure. Padded bike shorts? Oh, they're like marshmallows for your seat, giving your body a break from the grind. Don't forget about your handlebars! If you're leaning way too forward because of super-low bars, you're giving your pelvic floor a tough time.

Just Breathe

Let's talk breathing. Deep breaths, babe! It's easy to go all breathless when you're pushing it. But here's the scoop: shallow breathing amps up the pressure on your pelvic floor and gives your abs a bit of a squeeze. Catch your breath and slow it down if you're feeling winded. And hey, group rides are awesome, but don't go all superwoman if your bod's not vibing with it. Find that sweet spot of pushing yourself without going into total meltdown mode. Remember, the more tired you are, the less you might keep your form in check and the more you're giving your pelvic floor some unwanted attention. Mixing up sitting and standing while cycling? It's like a mini vacation for your pelvic pals. Standing gives your pelvic floor a high-five and lets you reset when you're back in the saddle.

Love Your Stretch

Wind down post-ride with some killer stretches. It's like a reward for your bod, and who doesn't love that? Stretching says "bye-bye" to tension and helps dial down the pelvic pain and pressure. Spend a few minutes stretching out your lower body, hips, and those abs. Oh, and guess what? Stretching tells your brain, "Chill, we're safe," and your nervous system listens to that.

So, there you have it! Rock your rides, own those bikes, and show your pelvic floor some love with these fun tips. Stay comfy, keep the vibes high, and pedal on!

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