Twin Pregnancies: Double The Fun, Double The Care

Twin Pregnancies: Double The Fun, Double The Care

A twin pregnancy comes with risks - and not just for the babies - but also for mommy! While conceiving twins might be desirable for a mama-to-be, we want to make sure our readers know that all twin pregnancies are high-risk pregnancies. We sat down with Dr. Strong to learn more.

“First off, there are different flavors of twin pregnancies – and this is determined by the number of placentas and the number of sacs within each pregnancy. So, you can have 1 or 2 placentas, and you can have 1 or 2 sacs for each pregnancy. And the more things the babies have to share with one another, the more complicated the pregnancy will be for everyone.”

Let’s talk about Mommy Risks first

“Twins put mom at higher risk for diabetes of pregnancy, high blood pressure diseases of pregnancy, and caesarian section. Women pregnant with twins are more likely to experience bleeding and hemorrhage before or during delivery. Other pregnancy related complications include increased risk for preterm birth and preterm rupture of membrane. And remember! Mostly all twin pregnancies will deliver early – be prepared and have a labor and delivery plan!”

And what about the Baby Risks?

Well, what we’ve learned from Dr. Strong is that many of the Mommy Risks are risks to her babies too, which is why we need to take care of mommy first!

“Baby Risks of twin pregnancies include a higher risk of genetic complications, structural abnormalities in the babies, growth abnormalities – meaning one or both babies grow too small, and increased risk of stillbirth of one or both babies. Then, there becomes special complications for the babies if they have shared placentas or shared living spaces or amniotic sacs.”

Once you’re pregnant with twins, these risks don’t go away. We asked Dr. Strong steps an expectant mother can take to reduce the possibilities of complications for mommy and her babies.

“Moms of twins should be prepared for more prenatal visits for increased surveillance of her pregnancy with more ultrasounds. Increased surveillance is key. Try finding a physician you trust and has experience with twin pregnancies.”

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